Links to our apparel and graphics

Sampling of our services

  • Baby T-Shirts

    Don't forget about baby when planning your event t-shirts! Our distributor carries coordinating shirts for men, women, teens and even babies. Note that we need to scale the text or graphics down appropriately.

  • Diaper Bags

    Shower gifts almost always include diaper bags. Make your gift special by adding baby's or mommy's name and/or some images to the bag. Our diaper bags are designed for embellishment, allowing us to use embroidery and/or heat press graphics.

  • Receiving Blankets

    Our receiving blankets could be embroidered or decorated via heat press options. Just don't ask for rhinestones on baby's blanket!

  • Coats and Jackets

    A perfect way to present your company or team name. We carry a variety of name brand gear designed for embroidery. Winter, summer and mid-season coats, vests and other outer gear are available.

  • Aprons

    For that master home chef, or for your store clerks. We can personalize with their names and/or your company logo. We carry a variety of colors, materials and styles for aprons.

  • Sweatshirts

    With or without hoodies? Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a variety of similar apparel in many colors, styles and sizes to fit almost any need. 

  • Bags - Travel and More

    Need to find your travel bag when it's in the airport?  Customize it with embroidery, heat printing or even rhinestones. Make it personal, and make it easy to spot.

  • Tablet Bags

    Great for gifts, great for yourself. Low-priced, functional, and we will personalize it to meet your needs. 

  • Tote Bags

    A large variety of sizes, materials and designs will provide you a variety of decorative options. Give as gifts, or get one for yourself.

  • T-Shirts

    Short, long, or no sleeves. Round, v-neck collars. Heavy weight, light weight or in between. All different colors, materials, and sizes including baby through 6x. 

  • Polo Shirts

    For business use, teams, promotional give-aways, and more. Our brand names include Ogio, Nike and many more favorites.

  • Athletic Shirts

    Athletic shirts including mesh, sleeveless and other popular options. We can add large team numbers and names to each shirt per your needs.

  • Baseball Caps

    Not just for baseball, the standard baseball caps are a great way to display your logo, company name, or anything else you would like. These are available in different heights, adjustable or fixed sizes, stiff or soft materials, Our embroidery equipment can stitch a 270 degree band around the cap, and we can also decorate the rear of the cap.

  • Fashion Caps

    Our distributer is constantly analyzing trends and provides fashion caps from fedoras to fishing caps and a variety of other fashion caps. 

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